We are the volleyball community who demands equality among all persons. We reject racism, homophobia, and discrimination in any form. The Vollequality symbol represents our stance on these social issues. By taking our pledge and then posting the symbol, you are letting others know that they can be safe with you and that you have taken action in our fight for equality.

294 total pledges

First NameLast NameOrganization
Katy Poole University of Kentucky Sports Medicine
Eduardo Fiallos University of Colorado
Erin Higgins DePaul University
Melissa Culfa North Dakota State University-Sports Medicine
Drew Davis North Dakota State
Alexis Eldridge NPJ Volleyball
Katie Halvorson Dynamite Volleyball Club
Jeff Fiorenza UT- San Antonio
Nate Gorman YVBA
Madilyn Miles Sam Houston State University
Darian Mack University of Southern Mississippi
Grace Nealy NPJ Volleyball
Kristy Duncan Loras College
Nathan Matthews University of Kentucky
Miranda Coonrod Clark County Fusion VBC
John Turner GHVCA
Randi Viggiano Ridgeview Volleyball
Kaiao Nahale-a Live Aloha Volleyball Academy
Chris Van Arsdale Upper Arlington High School
Lee Ragland MAVS Volleyball
Lori Okimura Angel City Sports
Jill Emmert-Tricarico Clark County Fusion Club
Erin Kashuba Portland Interscholastic Youth Sports (PILYS)
Jen Bolger North Pacific Juniors
John Klanac Rice University
Tom Hanna University of Akron
Lindsey Berg The CUORE Project
Lauren Torvi South Dakota Mines
Kara Pratt HJV
Emily Kohan Colorado State
Kasey Crider University of Miami
Sam Wolinski My Recruiting Solutions
Trent Kersten San José State University
Annie McMahill MAVS KC
Aylene Ilkson George Mason University
Bouaketh Chanthavisouk Salem College
Erin Lindsey Santa Clara University Volleyball
Cody March Columbia Empire Volleyball Association
Lindsey Behonick University of Pittsburgh
Daniel Fisher University of Pittsburgh
Jen Armson-Dyer Badger Region Volleyball
Stealth Volleyball Club Sask Stealth Volleyball
Abby Gilleland University of Connecticut
Emily Witsaman Arizona State University
Brianna Barry George Washingon University
Jeremy Thornburg Loras College
Nathan Janzen McMaster University
Maggie Bowen University of Kansas
Colby Arrington App State
Jane Hays Louisiana Tech Volleyball
Meghan Magnusson JJVA
Angel Agu University of Rhode Island
Aaron Smith University of Virginia
Nicki Holmes University of Rhode Island
Craig Dyer Creighton University
Sarah Bernson George Washington University
Emma Wickett Timberline HS/Capital Volleyball Club
Jen Houk University of Minnesota
Anna Grant Brevard College
Kristin Belzung Stony Brook University
Chiaka Ogbogu USA Volleyball
Denise Sheldon Menlo College
Matt Houk University of Minnesota
Kaitlin Nielsen University of Kansas
Kellen Petrone University of Pittsburgh
Scott Trumbauer Parkland High School
Stephanie Radecki University of Southern Mississippi
Sean Huiet Texas State
Kyrsten Becker Morehead State University
Keith Anderson Texas State
Lauren Hansen My Recruiting Assistant
Austin Albers Colorado State University Pueblo
Alison Cooke Bowling Green State University
Billy Ebel University of Kansas
Josh Steinbach Villanova University
Ethan Pheister University of South Carolina
Korrinn Burgess Presbyterian College
Phil Nickel Houston Juniors Volleyball
Dennis Hohenshelt Penn State
Lo Hoyer Southern Utah University
Bri Ebenhoe Waldorf University
Lauren Steinbrecher James Madison University
Mitchell McPartland University of Chicago Volleyball
Kathy Jewell Purdue
Gabby Floyd Mountain Rage Volleyball Club
Jackie Kirr Clemson
Haleigh Washington USA Volleyball
Braeden Melton UW-Oshkosh
Jill Kramer TCU
Jalen Tennyson Sunshine VBC
Shannon Wells University of Florida
Sara Matthews University of Delaware
David Heller Georgetown University
Anders Nelson University of Kentucky