We are the volleyball community who demands equality among all persons. We reject racism, homophobia, and discrimination in any form. The Vollequality symbol represents our stance on these social issues. By taking our pledge and then posting the symbol, you are letting others know that they can be safe with you and that you have taken action in our fight for equality.

296 total pledges

First NameLast NameOrganization
Brandon Row University of North Florida
Tony Glessner Southern Exposure (NVA)
Bonnie Anderson
Anna Hennings MA CMPC Anna Hennings Mental Performance Coaching
Jennifer Jacobs Augustana University, SD
Allan Knight Lake Brantley High School
Nick Castiglione University of Pittsburgh
Allison Minisce University of Wisconsin
Beth Launiere University of Utah
Simone Asque Siena College
cliff pfenning OSPN TV
Rylee Mogalian AZ Sky Volleyball
Kevin Hambly Stanford University
Derek Sullivan Belmont Abbey College
Kelsey Ruff Augustana University
Kirsta Cobb Ohio Wesleyan University
Michelle Aggen Augustana University
VanDine David
Scott Nelsen Minnesota State Athletics
Morgan Thomas University of Pittsburgh
Penny Semaia University of Pittsburgh
Christian Spears Pitt Athletics
Val Cory and Victor Pennington Carlow University
Cory Mcgowan Revolution volleyball club
Jenny Hazelwood IVBA/ESPN
Alex Sepcic Pittsburgh Elite Volleyball Association
Michael Allen Pitt Alumni Association
Rylee Mogalian Revolution Volleyball Academy
Carly Weisenbach University of Pittsburgh
Mackenzie Fuhrmann Boston College Volleyball
Gabby McCaa Boston College
Jewel Strawberry Boston College Volleyball
James Smith sigxnmpups
Jalen Parks
Ashley Waggoner Beaverton High
Keragan Ettleman Self
Chrissy Benz UBC
Jason Kennedy Boston College
Marissa Prinzbach Boston College
Randi Raff University of Southern Indiana
Eric Duda Life University
Ryan Bowerman Xavier University of Louisiana
Sabina Hodzic AAU volleyball
Lewis Fenech Volleyball Addict
Christian Kiselica George Washington
Reagan Leonard Fresno State
Ashley Tennant University of New Hampshire
Ciara Jones Howard University
Tyler Hagstrom Bucknell University
Katelyn Beauregard Bucknell University
Elyse Bauman College of the Holy Cross
Michael Henchy American University
Sarah Katz American University
Dara Kane Stephen F. Austin State University
Allie Hamsher Stephen F. Austin State University
Travers Green Mississippi State University
Jesse Klein Iowa State
Derryk Williams Syracuse University
Jen Malcom Iowa State
Jill Sikes High Point University
Melissa Rabell University of Evansville
Lexie Torres Abilene Christian University
Alisa Blair Stephen F. Austin State University
Aggie Aguilar Max Performance
Robyn Williams Shorecrest High School
Cindy Compoc Puget Sound Volleyball Association
Lauren Amundson Arlington High School
Jeff Huebner Texas Woman’s University
Michelle Erins Illini Elite VBC
Samantha Bowron Top Select Volleyball Academy
Kyle Scholzen USA Volleyball
Barbara Grice USA Volleyball
Remy Foeman Ashland University
Shonda Wallace University of South Carolina
Chad Koenegstein Colorado College Volleyball
Stephen Munson USA Volleyball
Clarence Hughes USA Volleyball
Laura Fawcett USA Volleyball
Kassidi Gilgenast USA Volleyball
Peter Vint USA Volleyball
Brooke Rundle Bring It Promotions (BIP)
Krista Rice Central Michigan University
Brandon Eastman University of Iowa
Alyssa D'Errico University of Dayton
Peter Manguiat University of Pittsburgh
Meghan Keck Marquette University
Megan Mendoza University of South Carolina
Jenny Mosser University of Kansas
Anezka Szabo University of Kansas
Riley Foltz University of Kansas
Audriana Suter The University of Kansas
Caroline (CC) Crawford University of Kansas
Rachel Langs University of Kansas
Kasey Parks William Penn University
Elise McGhie University of Kansas
Molly Schultz University of Kansas
Lacey Angello The University of Kansas
Kaiti Parks Kansas Volleyball
Gracie Van Driel University of Kansas
Kennedy Farris University of Kansas